Weekly Horoscope for November 26: Be Careful What You Wish For!

November 25, 2023

As we dive into the depths of the autumn season, with the darkness far outgrowing the light, we will notice that the energy in the heavens is certainly shifting. While Sagittarius season is upon us — often bringing a festive and joyous pace to life — we will be feeling the heavens weighing upon us. A full moon in Gemini — also known as the Beaver Moon — arrives on November 27 and will unfortunately be one of the most challenging lunations in 2023. This is because the full moon will be exactly opposite Mars, the planet of anger, bringing explosive emotions and accidents upon our paths. Worse yet, the full moon and Mars will be exactly square Saturn, bringing bad news, challenges, and heavy pressure into our lives. Mercury, the planet that rules this lunation, is also clashing exactly with Neptune, bringing insecurity, delusion, and confusion. However, as a saving grace, our cosmic messenger kisses Venus, which means that in order to unplug from the drama, it’d be a good time to engage with art or circulate amongst close friends.


I am always ready for whatever the universe will throw at me. I am unafraid.


Despite the rather challenging energy of the cosmos this week, a trio of zodiac signs could still find opportunities for happiness: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Leos could meet a new friend who ends up radically changing their lives for the better or at the very least attend a glamorous event. Libras, however, could see opportunities for travel or to pursue exciting intellectual endeavors. Last, Aquarians could have shockwaves electrify their romantic lives. Singles could find someone out of nowhere, but must be advised to proceed with caution.



Everyone is eager to hear what you have to say now, Aries. This week’s full moon brings enthusiasm and big ideas to your solar third house of communication. This may bring you the opportunity to debut a meaningful writing, speaking, advertising, or social media endeavor to be viewed and heard by the world. Know what you wish others to know and proclaim with confidence. You’ve got the magic in you!


A turning point around your finances is likely to burst forth for you to revel in this week, Taurus. As the full moon in your second house of income arrives, you could now have the chance to welcome in a new job, side hustle, or raise. This will all be tied to how smart you’ve been playing your cards in the past six months to a year. Use this week to truly assess your budget and nest egg and save for a rainy day.


Prepare for a glorious moment to debut a fresh new version of you to the world, Gemini. This week’s full moon in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — could bring you the strength and luck to snatch the winning key to one of your heart’s innermost desires. Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight now and assert yourself. You are fabulous, rare, and magical. Remember that and parade forward with confidence!


You have a very busy rest of the year ahead of you with the holidays creeping in, but this week gives you a brief moment to catch your breath, Cancer. The full moon activates your solar twelfth house of privacy and solitude. You’ll surely have a wild schedule in the weeks ahead, so use this moment to check in with yourself and prioritize self-love and self-care. Treat yourself to a mini spa day or even just a nap. TLC will go a long way.


One of your favorite weeks of the year could be upon you now, Leo. Popularity is on the menu! This week’s full moon will likely surround you by many friends, fans, or contacts who are eager to see you and celebrate. Let your hair down, dust off your hottest outfit, and get ready to prowl. Singles will have a gorgeous week to attract a sexy new suitor, especially through their network or online dating.


One of the most important weeks for your professional life in 2023 is upon you, Virgo. This week’s full moon trumpets from the heights of your solar tenth house of achievement. A promotion, competitive job offer, award, or exciting victory could fill you with energy and euphoria. Keep your eyes on the prize and continue to ascend up the ladder. If a job ends now, you’re being redirected to something better. Use this time to truly assess your ambitions.


Open up your imagination and third eye this week, Libra. The upcoming full moon will push you past the point of no return. You may realize you’ve needed courage to move in fresh directions. Fortunately, it may finally be welling up within your soul. Embrace this impetus to try unique things. Wisdom is found in leaving your comfort zones behind. Only then can you learn your true innate merit and character.


A financial breakthrough could be here for you now, Scorpio. You’ll be ready for it! This week’s full moon energizes your solar eighth house of wealth. The light of this lunation will bring a true spotlight to your monetary affairs, especially in regards to large financial matters, settlements, assets, or investments. Focus on building your prosperity rather than burning through it above all. Before you now it, you and a partner could be sitting on a jackpot.


Take a microscope and peer into your relationships this week, Sagittarius. As the full moon rises in the heavens, you’ll be assessing the strength of your commitments. On one hand, this activation of your solar seventh house could bring a decision to move in, create long-term plans, get engaged, or even be wed. However, if you’re just not aligned as perfectly as you need to be, you may decide to kick your ex to the curb.


Be sure to watch your health this week, Capricorn. The full moon’s energy could bring a big surprise around your health, diet, or fitness. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, now is the time to recalibrate. Consider seeing a doctor or specialist who can point you in the right direction that will ultimately make you stronger in the end. If you’d like to make a change in diet or exercise, ask a trainer.


A lively and romantic week awaits you, Aquarius. As the full moon sings in the heavens, you’ll have a clear picture of your love and sex life and how it has been building in the past six months. If you’d like to have a heart to heart or make any changes, use this time now. If single, be sure to use this energy to attract charming and intellectual suitors. Someone could catch your eye and lead to a wild romp in the bedroom!


Buckle up for a change in regards to your domestic life, Pisces. This is because of the full moon in your solar fourth house of home and family. This week may bring the news of the perfect space to move into if you’ve been looking or you may already have the move planned. If you aren’t, consider hosting a dazzling gathering for loved ones as the holiday season gets into full swing.