Weekly Horoscope for October 1: Life Is a Dance.

September 30, 2023

Prepare for a week filled with many opportunities to test your flexibility. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger, takes the spotlight this week, as he will bring the most consistent news. With Mercury being so active, this means we’ll have to roll with the punches as we navigate many different aspects of our lives. While the week starts off with more unfortunate news or a toxic mental headspace, we’ll soon become sharper and more agile by the middle of the week instead. Also, our cosmic messenger will leave behind the fields of Virgo on October 4 to forge onward into the heavens of Libra. In the weeks ahead, we’ll have more opportunities to negotiate, find harmony in our discussions, and see eye to eye with others in business or love.


I will be open to other people’s perspectives and work to find synergy.


With Mercury pouncing forth in the heavens above, three zodiac signs could feel like life is in the fast lane: Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn. Mental Mercury is a logical planet and often reveals how we think, communicate, and engage with others. For Taureans, the weeks to come should bring a smoother rhythm to their routines and responsibilities as they streamline their productivity. Libras will be generating brilliant ideas, using their famous charm and wit to move all personal and professional matters in their favor. Last, Capricorns will find that they are able to strategize long-term goals and ambitions as they strike when the moment is right.



You’ve been facing new karmic lessons this year, Aries. You’re ready to truly assess everything that has brought you to where you are now. Saturn, the planet of hardship and karma, entered your solar twelfth house and is now retrograde. This means you’re reviewing significant life lessons about how you’ve built your life in the past three decades. The positive karma you’ve created could now be coming back in your favor. The retrograde is giving you a chance to find rest.


A fresh batch of karmic lessons has arrived for you, Taurus, particularly around communities and associations. Earlier this year, Saturn, the planet of karma and life lessons, danced into your solar eleventh house but is currently in a retrograde phase. This means you’re more reflective regarding the learning curves around your friendships, social life, and aspirations. People from your past could be returning for closure now.


Karmic shifts in regards to your professional life have been taking place this year, Gemini. You’re transforming your legacy. This is because Saturn, our great taskmaster, is spinning back and forth in the heights of your solar tenth house of achievement. Currently, he is retrograde, which means you’re reflecting on how you’ve built your ambitions and legacy and if they are truly in alignment with your destiny and core purpose.


You may now notice that it’s a little bit easier to pursue distant travel or immigration at this time, Cancer. Embrace it while you can! Saturn took up residence in your solar ninth house of expansion, bringing a heavier weight to these kinds of matters. Luckily, he is currently in a retrograde phase. This is a pivotal moment to try to move factors forward now, especially if you’re tying up plans or situations in regards to the past.


The weight around your relationships could be momentarily easier, Leo. Breathe a sigh of relief. Saturn, the planet of karma and hardship, is soaring back and forth through your solar eighth house of intimacy and assets. Currently, he is asleep or retrograde, which may actually be helping you to see matters of wealth, assets, or investments move forward. They likely stalled earlier this year. Strike now and you could shift matters more in your favor.


This year has certainly brought tremendously intense karmic lessons around your partnerships, Virgo. You are truly understanding where you stand. Mighty Saturn, our great taskmaster, stands across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership. You’ve been experiencing life lessons around how you connect and commit with others. If you’ve had some tough love going on, now is the time to try to make things better with Saturn in a retrograde phase.


If you’ve felt challenges earlier in the year around employment and your work and life balance, Libra, it might be a tad easier now. This is because Saturn, the great taskmaster, is currently retrograde in your solar sixth house of productivity. The good news is that he isn’t loading endless responsibilities and challenges upon you. If you need to meet with a doctor to improve your health, strike now.


Karma has been echoing out over your romantic life this year, Scorpio. The truth should be plain to see. As Saturn, our great taskmaster, dances back and forth in your solar fifth house of true love and passion, he is bringing important lessons. Luckily, he is currently retrograde, which means that the challenges may not actually be quite as tough. If you’re single and have been having difficulty finding a passionate connection, hunt for one now.


Challenges around your home, family, and domestic life may have been prominent particularly this year, Sagittarius. Luckily, the load is a bit lighter now. Saturn, our great taskmaster, has been bringing intense life lessons around these situations. However, the positive news is that he is currently retrograde and giving you a little bit of a break on his tough love. If looking to make a change around these themes, go for it quickly.


You’ve been learning important lessons around your intellect and how you communicate with the world, Capricorn. You are becoming a mastermind. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is spinning in your solar third house of communication. However, he is presently retrograde, which means that he is being slightly less rigid and heavy around these themes. If you’ve wanted to enroll in a course or launch an important project, use the cosmic window now.


Important life lessons have been focused on your finances this year, Aquarius. You’re thinking for the long-term. This is because your planetary co-ruler, mighty Saturn, the great taskmaster, has been soaring back and forth through your solar second house of finances. Luckily, he is asleep in a retrograde phase. This means that liquid cash might be a little closer to the surface for you rather than feeling like things are constantly tight.


This year has felt like a very intense and pivotal turning point in your life, Pisces. You are evolving and growing. This is because Saturn, our great taskmaster and the planet of karma and life lessons, is now orbiting in your zodiac sign and solar first house of identity. Luckily, he is currently in a retrograde phase, meaning that his heavy weight is a bit lighter on you and your path. Use this time quickly to proceed without challenges upon you.