Weekly Horoscope for September 24: Embrace the Leader Within.

September 23, 2023

A rather feisty and flirty week lies ahead of us. A full moon in Aries will take the spotlight on September 28. This full moon will also be a supermoon, meaning it’s an especially potent lunation due to its closer proximity to Earth. It is also the Harvest Moon in 2023, signaling that it is the closest lunation to the shift from the summer season toward the autumn. With it being a full moon in Aries, we will collectively be encouraged to step into our power and independence, at the expense of all others. Respecting other people’s opinions, desires, and motivations is less important as we are more egocentric at this time. When it comes to astrological aspects of this period, the full moon does not make any direct planetary alignments. However, Mars, the ruler of this lunation, will be sweetly linked to Venus, promoting sex, romance, and passion, but will be in a sharp clash with Pluto, bringing a more ruthless energy to us as we seek to dominate whatever we are after. Luckily, Mercury will kiss Jupiter and Uranus, ensuring fun and spontaneity, but Venus, too, will be under siege from Uranus, which could cause relationships on rocky ground to experience shocking news or a greater demand for freedom.


I am ready to pursue my greatest destiny. I am unstoppable.


With so much energy to navigate in the cosmos, the three zodiac signs that will enjoy this mighty lunation most will be Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius. Exciting breakthroughs and passionate moods will course through each of them. Geminis will be especially social at this time, likely uniting with many lovely people who adore them. This is a fantastic moment to build their networks. Cancers could see a professional victory manifest that they’ve been working quite some time upon. Last, Sagittarians will be in the throes of their heart’s desires. This is a key week to have fun, mix and mingle, and focus more on pleasure and living in the moment rather than grinding toward professional goals.



Prepare to be struck by lightning, Aries. You are a thunder god now! With a full moon in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — taking all of the attention this week, you will be the main event with all eyes on you. Now is a crucial period to assert yourself and declare what it is that you want in your life. Be sure to command and delegate to others. They could quickly fall into line.


Your intuition is calling from your great depths within this week, Taurus. Find stillness. This week’s full moon whispers from your solar twelfth house of dreams, privacy, and the unconscious. This is a vital period to turn within and listen. The universe is speaking to you in riddles and in synchronicities. This would also be a fabulous moment to connect with a therapist, counselor, or guru to help you heal.


Prepare for euphoria to erupt like fireworks, Gemini. You’ll feel on top of the world! A full moon dances at the heights of your solar eleventh house of dreams, wishes, and aspirations. Your social life will be especially active for you at this time, so connect with others who feel like your tribe. Someone may step in to help you achieve a major lifelong goal or aspiration. Know what you’d like to manifest.


Have no fear as you reach for the crown this week, Cancer. A victory is close at hand. As the full moon in your solar tenth house of achievement echoes throughout the week, you’ll be strategizing in regards to your major long-term ambitions. A promotion, competitive job offer, award, or applause could soon be coming your way. Step into the limelight as you revel in your glory, success, recognition, and power.


You’ll feel like a leaf freely dancing in the wind this week, Leo. You could be springing into far, newfound territory. As the full moon in your solar ninth house of expansion whispers within the autumn nights, you’ll be ready to push your boundaries — mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you can travel now or plan to do so in the year ahead, this would be an excellent way to harness the energy.


Open your heart up to vulnerability and trust now, Virgo. Union will bring you deep pleasure. As the full moon in your solar eighth house of intimacy arrives this week, you’ll be ready to merge ever closer with a significant other in love or business. However, if you’re not on the same page, you’ll notice it may be time to separate and go your individual ways. This could help you to negotiate a settlement, especially in regards to a divorce.


Powerful moments around union and commitment are summoning to you, Libra. Be ready! This week’s full moon will bring significant attention to your solar seventh house of partnerships. A decision to grow closer may be upon you, such as moving in, making promises, or signing an agreement. However, if you’re not aligned, a break-up or divorce may be the ultimate decision on the table. Know your worth and what you demand in relationships.


The universe is placing even more on your workload this week, Scorpio. But don’t worry: you’ve got this! The full moon this week energizes your solar sixth house of productivity. You’ll likely be putting the final touches on a significant work project for your employer. Yet, if you’re not in the right job, you could be leaving one behind to find one that appreciates you better. Get applying! Your skills could very quickly be desired by someone else.


Let passion, pleasure, art, and beauty radiate from your heart and soul this week, Sagittarius. This week’s full moon ignites your solar fifth house of true love, creativity, and fertility. You’ll be on top of the world as important news or a shift around these themes manifests. If you happen to be single, this is a crucial moment to put yourself out there, line up dates, and meet someone new. Love could now be aligned!


Review your domestic life and family obligations, Capricorn. Something is up for discussion. This week’s full moon brings energy to your solar fourth house of home, real estate, and family. You may now move, renovate, or redecorate because of it. However, this may instead trigger you to step in for one of your kindred, especially a parent, who may need your time, attention, and advice.


Let your vision and ideas expand like the radiant cosmos this week, Aquarius. This week’s full moon will invigorate your solar third house of communication. Your intellectual skills are especially sharp now! You may now be debuting a milestone writing, speaking, advertising, branding, or social media initiative. People will be very easily persuaded by you. Use the energy wisely.


Embrace an abundant life this week, Pisces. Remember: you are special and desired for what you create and bring to this world. This week’s full moon will energize your solar second house of income and could bring news of a raise, new job offer, or lucrative client. This is a crucial moment to assess your talents and skills and understand how you can monetize even more with them.