Chaos building? Find your center!

April 1, 2024

At 12:12 PM: Mars opposite Juno

The cosmic weather is quiet today until after noon, when Mars opposes Juno in Virgo, exacerbating relationship conflicts. Pisces Mars creates difficulties in self-assertion. We have trouble distinguishing where our desires end and others’ begin. Meanwhile, Juno, the asteroid of fidelity, is very particular about established contracts. When it transits Virgo, we expect them to be followed to the letter. At this time, we will be confused about what we want out of our commitments. Should we throw in the towel? Take space? Double-down? Our inconsistency or fluctuating temper triggers arguments. However, these challenges are arising so we can recognize a problem and renegotiate terms before it spirals out of control.

At 03:14 PM: Mercury is retrograde

Unfortunately, Mercury then stations retrograde mid-afternoon, exacerbating communication difficulties. For the next three weeks, we must take extra care in conversation. Mercury in Aries inclines us to think before speaking. While it is retrograde, we will be especially impulsive. We risk lashing out at others, only to immediately regret making accusations. Our speech has destructive force now in that it has staying power. Be cautious, as you will have to live with the fallout of words said in haste.