Starry-eyed? Romance is in the air today!

April 3, 2024

At 2:08 a.m.: The moon enters Aquarius and the moon void of course ends

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon enters Aquarius, exiting its void of course, which began last night. The Aquarius moon is ruled by stoic Saturn, and during this transit, our demeanor tends to be more reserved. Instead of indulging in emotional displays, we become problem-solvers, seeking ways to improve our circumstances. Drama is avoided at all costs, although we might accidentally find ourselves caught up in the current of community theatrics. This is a period of vision and innovation. Freedom is our main concern, and we reserve the right to change our agendas and minds from moment to moment.

At 5:23 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Pluto

Following this, the moon aligns with transformative Pluto, engendering emotional overwhelm. Psychic hits are profound, and revelatory exchanges are triggering. The urge to label someone or something a villain might be convenient but not entirely accurate. Although we are wise to follow our hunches under this influence, be mindful of the distinction between intuition and anxiety. What is motivating your choices or actions? Is it instinct or fear? Pay attention to the nuance in situations instead of leaping to the worst possible conclusion.