Can you stand your ground without exacerbating conflict?

April 20, 2024

At 03:28 AM: The moon is trine Uranus

In the pre-dawn hours, the Virgo moon trines Uranus in Taurus, stimulating excitement. Twists of fate or chance encounters liberate us from a mental rut. We realize there’s a different, less stressful way to get things done. In fact, some of the minutiae we’ve been stressing over doesn’t really matter. Take a break from monotonous routines to get a new perspective. Be a little impulsive. Take a walk down an unfamiliar path. Inspiration will be found in unexpected places today.

At 04:09 AM: The moon is opposite Mars

Following this, the moon opposes Mars in Pisces, provoking interpersonal conflict. Your motives or desires conflict with another’s, and acting impulsively will exacerbate tensions. You’re not wrong to be irritated or offended. This other person is failing to take your needs into consideration. Just remember, there are still ways to stand your ground without resorting to violence.