Today, Embrace the Healing Journey

December 7, 2023

At 3:16 a.m.: The moon is sextile Mars

In the pre-dawn hours, the Libra moon sextiles Mars in Sagittarius, offering us courage. We are committed to doing the right thing now. An inner sense of justice motivates our decisions. For the most part, others will agree with our sentiments. It shouldn’t take much convincing to get opponents to join our side. By demonstrating integrity and fairness, people are inspired to follow our lead.

At 4:45 a.m.: Venus is trine Vesta

In the morning, Venus in Scorpio forms a trine with Vesta in Cancer, a powerful transit for love and creativity. This connection allows us to seamlessly channel our devotional energies to a person, artistic practice, or spiritual ritual. Passion becomes our fuel.  If you are currently partnered, you and your loved one might consider pooling your resources to work for a common cause. Alternatively, you might simply find that love itself is the vehicle for a more profound connection with universal consciousness.  Those who are single may meet someone at this time whom you will wish to be of service to, either romantically or spiritually. If proper boundaries are put in place, this relationship can be radically transformative!