A cosmic mixed bag delivers emotions whiplash!

February 5, 2024

At 3:49 a.m.: Venus is square Chiron

In the pre-dawn hours, Venus in Capricorn squares off with Chiron in Aries, stimulating romantic sensitivity. Interactions with loved ones strike us as eerily similar to past encounters that left our hearts battered and bruised. Perhaps a relationship that we hoped would go the distance didn’t pan out. Today’s triggering exchanges cause us to question if we’ve really recovered. At this time, we might unearth a reminder of an ex. They could even unexpectedly appear on our social media – alongside their new love interest! It’s natural to question what we could have done differently or reflect on all the ways we didn’t rise to the occasion. But in truth, no one person is responsible for the demise of a love story. Avoid putting undue blame on yourself. Try not to stress over where your former loved ones are now. Criticizing your past self will not remedy the situation nor help to invite new love in. 

At 4:27 a.m.: The sun is sextile Chiron

Following this moody transit, the Aquarius sun sextiles Chiron in Aries, helping to relieve some existential pressure! As we navigate challenging emotions, we are offered a boost of confidence. In the past, we may have been labeled “the black sheep” and ostracized from the herd. Deviating from the status quo caused us to be singled out or criticized. But today, we acknowledge the unique thinker we have grown up to be. If we had followed the rules and colored inside the lines, we would never have discovered who we truly are. Following our own compass has been critical to finding our identity. Standing in our truth gives inspiration to those who are doubting their ability to create a life on their terms. The same people who once made fun of us might humbly be taking a cue from our playbook now!