The current is shifting; let it take you!

February 9, 2024

At 08:06 AM: The moon is sextile Chiron

In the morning, the Aquarius moon sextiles Chiron in Aries, a healing influence. During this aspect, we’re inclined to do things a bit differently. Viewing the past in light of our current circumstances offers new context to old wounds. Suddenly, we realize that something or someone that once hurt us deeply has no real bearing on the course of our lives anymore. We can assess a grievance without taking its fallout personally, looking to the future with new hope and resolve. Those around us see us taking our story into our own hands and committing to deal with their pain differently, too. The result is a community that is more forward-thinking than backward-obsessing: an excellent disposition in light of today’s new moon.

At 02:59 PM: The moon is conjunct the sun and the moon void of course begins

Mid-afternoon, the new moon in Aquarius asks us to set intentions to jettison us into the future of our choosing. It may feel as though the world is our oyster now. Many paths are open to us, but we’re not so naïve as to assume that all roads will deliver the most fulfilling outcome. Our destiny is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, we must strive to make rational decisions with a visionary twist. Ask yourself: how can you make the greatest impact? This moon squares Uranus in Taurus, a reminder to leave yourself plenty of wiggle room to maneuver or change course.  Unexpected events or interactions might interrupt carefully laid plans. Instead of bemoaning what “could” have been, trust the flow of the changing current, and upsets will be quickly forgotten. Additionally, avoid making inflexible commitments while striving to be as engaged as possible in your community. Exposure to the opinions, ideas, and dreams of your friends and colleagues will expand your definition of what is possible. Remember, your choices have a ripple effect on the wider collective.