The Sky Today, January 20, 2023

January 20, 2023

At 12:30 a.m.: The sun enters Aquarius

Just after midnight, the sun exits sensible Capricorn to enter progressive Aquarius! Over the next month, our cosmic homework is to let our freak flag fly! Take the unorthodox approach! Dare to think outside the box!  As we established a foundation for the new year during Capricorn season, complete with setting new year’s resolutions, we are free to begin innovating our intentions. What is your vision? What future path do you wish to forge?  This is a month in which originality and eccentricity reign supreme. We might now part ways with those who do not celebrate our strangeness, yet we are just as likely to discover a new community with whom we are better aligned. So, amplify your individuality! It’s never too late to break the mold. 

At 6:45 a.m.: The moon is square Chiron

After sun-up, the Capricorn moon squares off with Chiron in Aries, triggering complex emotions. We may believe that walling off gives us the appearance of strength. In actuality, we may be called out for being aloof or inconsiderate. As children, we were likely told to “grow up,” to act more mature than was reasonable given our age.  Now, in moments of conflict, we close ourselves off, claiming that we can do it all ourselves. Yet others need us to be there for them, not as a rock, but as a living, breathing human being who has championed their own struggles. Today’s conflicts, while uncomfortable, promote healing by teaching us that strength doesn’t have to look a certain way. And it especially doesn’t have to look like going it alone.