Get Ready for Weeks of Flashy Romance—and Lots of Drama!

June 5, 2023

At 12:31 AM: The moon enters Capricorn, and the moon void of course ends

Just after midnight, the moon enters Capricorn, exiting its void of course which began last night. Over the next two days, we are more concerned with putting down roots than exploration. Now that we have affirmed what we believe in, we intend to cultivate a legacy that can uphold our tenets.  The Capricorn moon is governed by stern Saturn, and we may appear more emotionally serious and stoic now. However, Saturn is currently transiting Pisces, so there is a mystical sensibility underlying our “adult” decisions and behaviors which prevents us from becoming too mired in material concerns. 

At 06:46 AM: Venus enters Leo

Around dawn, Venus enters Leo, where it will spend the next four months due to its retrograde cycle! This will prove to be a passionate time in love and romance, where we will be busy heeding the whims of our inner child. We crave attention at this time, and will wax especially dramatic once Mars and Venus converge towards the end of the month!  However, Venus’ retrograde, which begins on July 22, encourages us to examine what we truly want out of our relationships. Are our needs being met? Is love facilitating our growth or has it become a game? Start taking note of the people you are attracting, as well as who you are attracted to. Confidence is our biggest turn-on now, but confidence must be paired with respect if we want our connections to thrive.