A Day of Psychic Insights Lead Us to Sharp Synchronicities

June 9, 2023

At 03:14 AM: The moon enters Pisces and the moon void of course ends

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon enters Pisces, ending its void of course which began last night. Over the next two days, we are inclined to introspection and daydreaming. The Pisces moon casts light on our inner world, the world of our imagination and subconscious fantasy realms.  We might be more antisocial now, not because we are averse to human contact, but because our porous nature makes us extra-sensitive to others’ moods. Mind the company you keep, as it’s possible to become overwhelmed by emotions that are not your own. Cleansing rituals can include showering, listening to music, or spending time with animal companions. 

At 12:02 PM: The moon is sextile Jupiter

The cosmic weather is then quiet until after noon, when the moon sextiles Jupiter in Taurus. Good vibes abound! We spread cheer through gratitude practices and paying our luck forward. Since there is enough for all to share, there’s no sense in hoarding what we have. By blocking the flow of resources, we would not only deny others, but we would also deny ourselves. What we give, we’re destined to get back times two.