Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

June 10, 2023

At 12:07 AM: The sun is sextile Chiron

Just after midnight, the Gemini sun sextiles Chiron in Aries, helping us to achieve a balance between confidence and humility. This is an influence of healing the ego. We project our identity into the world with conviction, however, reminders of past pitfalls prevent us from promising more than we can deliver.  Reigning our personal expectations allows us to reach our targets more easily. We subsequently realize we are capable of more than we’ve given ourselves credit for. By embracing our potential, people who desire our advice and respect our leadership are drawn into our orbit. 

At 07:54 AM: Ceres is opposite Neptune

After sun-up, Ceres in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, causing us to question our fundamental needs. We may believe that we need one kind of emotional nurturance when we would actually benefit from something far different.  We only have a tenuous grasp on what will make us feel secure now. This puts us at risk of involving ourselves in toxic relational or spiritual dynamics. We should be especially mindful of our boundaries today, while also taking care not to overstep the boundaries of others.  Ceres and Neptune opposed on November 25, 2022, and again on April 10 of this year with Ceres in retrograde motion. Think back to these dates for comparison. Although we may have reflected upon our priorities, heightened empathy and a desire to serve can make the “lessons” imparted by this transit a mixed bag!