Adopt a beginner’s mindset to claim your destiny!

June 10, 2024

At 1:18 p.m.: The moon is trine the North Node

The cosmic weather is quiet today until the Leo moon trines the Aries North Node, offering confidence and inspiration. The lunar North Node symbolizes our karmic evolution, denoting where we must step outside of our comfort zone to access greater growth potential. The moon, on the other hand, is all about comfort! Typically, taking a leap into the unknown is an awkward or fear-inducing process, but during this supportive trine, doing the uncomfortable thing actually feels exciting and inspiring! Instead of falling back into the stagnating monotony of the familiar, we are supported in seeking our highest destiny. In fact, this process can feel a lot like play. Adopt a beginner’s mindset and let your inner child explore. Experiment. Try new activities. Go on a little quest in your local community. Dare to display talents that you’ve kept hidden publicly. The focus is YOU: your desires and your passions. Following today’s adventures, you’ll see those experiences you wrote off as being “not for you” are not only yours for the taking – they’re your birthright. 

At 7:35 p.m.: The moon is sextile Mercury

At night, the moon sextiles Mercury in Gemini, an excellent influence to wind down the day and decompress with friends. You have a lot to share, and luckily, you’ll have an eager audience. Yet this is less a time to hold court than to trade gossip. Conversations may be light and superficial, but a great deal of bonding can occur now. New alliances may be formed, and old connections strengthened. The people you can open your heart to, those to whom you can talk about anything that passes through your mind without being judged – are the ties that bind.