Power struggles erupt under this contentious cosmic weather!

June 11, 2024

At 12:12 a.m.: Venus is sextile Chiron

Just after midnight, Venus in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries, fostering healing within our relationships. People that we encounter under this influence not only accept but embrace qualities in ourselves that we perceive as flaws. When we experience this positive reception, we release limiting narratives about our value. This aspect will be felt organically. A kind gesture can change everything. However, we might not realize how deeply we’ve been affected until time has passed, and we notice that familiar intrusive thoughts don’t pack the same punch they used to.   

At 4:58 a.m.: The moon is sextile the sun

Around dawn, the Leo moon sextiles the Gemini sun, perpetuating the early morning’s positive vibes. Our egoic and emotional natures are in sync, inspiring a gregarious and social attitude. This is an excellent occasion for speaking, performing, or making presentations. An extroverted sun coupled with a theatrical moon ensures we are being seen and making a statement.