Is keeping the peace worth sacrificing your self-respect?

June 15, 2024

At 1:16 p.m.: The moon is conjunct the South Node

The cosmic weather is exceedingly quiet until mid-day, when the moon aligns with the Libra South Node, opposing the Aries North Node. The lunar nodes symbolize points of fate, with the South Node representing our past, our comfort zones, and the unconscious behaviors that keep us stuck in limiting cycles. Meanwhile, the moon represents our emotional body and how we seek security. When these two conjoin, it’s nearly impossible to avoid falling back on the supposed safety of familiar relationships and patterns. Today, we are inclined to people please and keep the peace. Justice and morality are top priorities. We expect exchanges to be fair and balanced, and we’ll resist ruffling feathers or stirring the pot. Striving to do good and sidestep conflict is admirable, but are we growing? Although counterintuitive, we must assert ourselves and our agendas in small ways this afternoon. That doesn’t mean you need to pick fights, but your perspective is important. Your desires are important. You are important. Avoiding tough conversations isn’t justice – it’s self-deprecation. Beware of sacrificing your ideals in the hope of being well-liked. No amount of outside validation is worth forfeiting your self-respect.