Venus has a final message to share before swimming into Cancer…

June 16, 2024

At 9:24 a.m.: The moon is opposite Chiron

After sun-up, the Libra moon opposes Chiron in Aries, provoking anxiety. Another’s unfair criticisms or accusations hurt our feelings. In response, we attempt to overcompensate by behaving ultra-politely, hoping to impress our antagonist. Instead of standing up for ourselves, we second-guess our decisions or let others make them for us. This conduct “preserves the peace” but keeps us locked in a pattern of cyclical shame. Today, compromise speaks less to our consideration of others than our internalized lack of self-worth. Crises that erupt now force us to think more considerately about our behavior. We can heal, but only once we stop devaluing ourselves. 

At 8:46 p.m.: Venus is square Neptune

At night, Venus in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces, perpetuating insecurity. We fail to see situations accurately. This can prompt us to make ill-conceived romantic choices based on idealizing others’ potential instead of accepting their authentic character. A skewed perception can equally translate to ourselves. When we look in the mirror, we are more likely to fixate on our flaws; perhaps how we fail to fit an “ideal” body image. Although it may be difficult to assess matters clearly, ask yourself why you have this ideal in the first place. Is it a beauty standard that has been communicated to you by the media or through stories heard as a child? Fantasy is not reality. Remember that you are perfect just as you are.