Tension mounting? Conflicting desires arise from this cosmic clash

June 18, 2024

At 7:12 a.m.: Venus is inconjunct Pluto

In the morning, Venus in Cancer forms an anxiety-inducing quincunx to Pluto in Aquarius. You may have experienced the intensity of this transit building over the past few days. Here, our desire for safe and supportive love clashes with a desire for passion and progress. If we lean too heavily into one dimension of our desires, we fail to give the other an outlet. Tension slowly compounds, causing us to act out of character or push boundaries in unsafe ways. We can damage our current relationships through such inconsistent behavior, especially if we couple it with lies or secret keeping. Remember that what you try to repress will control you unconsciously, so strive to embrace all your desires even if they currently appear to conflict. Once this transit passes, you will discover easier ways to reconcile seemingly uncomplimentary needs.

At 1:19 p.m.: The moon is trine Saturn

In the early afternoon, the Scorpio moon trines Saturn in Pisces, bestowing common sense. While the Venus-Pluto inconjunct is today’s dominant transit, the moon-Saturn trine will at least help us to keep our impulses in check. We’ll recognize that certain relationships or activities will not bring out the best in us. Discipline is our chief strength; we can leverage it to maintain focus and restrain our emotions. Consider consulting elders, teachers, or family members for advice. Those with greater life experience have wisdom to share, which can help you navigate relationship predicaments. Today, asking for help isn’t only suggested, it’s encouraged.