Feeling the vibe shift? Cancer season begins today!

June 20, 2024

At 11:12 a.m.: The sun is square Neptune

The cosmic weather is quiet today until nearly the afternoon, when the Gemini sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces, making us paranoid. This aspect weakens our confidence, perpetuating insecurity, guilt, or hypochondria. Despite not feeling our best, we can convince ourselves that overblown reactions are rational. Assuming we understand the full scope of a situation is a delusional premise. We risk acting in self-sabotaging ways. Ironically, the best way to combat this aspect’s difficulties is to keep the faith. Turn to spiritual beliefs or practices to shore up self-esteem. However, avoid using your faith as a defense mechanism. Hold to your personal convictions without becoming preachy.

At 1:51 p.m.: The sun enters Cancer

Mid-afternoon, the sun enters Cancer, diminishing some of the tension of the sun-Neptune square, but not by much. During Cancer season, our attention turns to shoring up our safety and security. We put more emphasis on the health of our home lives and the happiness of our families. Naturally, this makes the vibes more insular and intimate. We will prefer the company of familiar faces to making new acquaintances. This is because we are more comfortable when we know where we stand. We know where we stand around those with similar political, religious, or ideological upbringings. This doesn’t mean that we necessarily still hold to childhood views but that we best relate to personalities who share our lived experiences. This is the season of nostalgia, where we may revisit pastimes of our youth, reach out to old friends, or travel back to an old homestead. Avoid becoming mired in your insular worldview when you return to the nest. The world is a big and diverse place, after all.