You are not powerless – look at your problems from a different angle

June 23, 2024

At 4:05 a.m.: Vesta is opposite Pluto

In the morning, Vesta, which has just recently entered Leo, opposes Pluto in Aquarius. This transit can cause us to feel like we are powerless to achieve our creative potential. Yet in truth, devotional expression has a learning curve. We have just entered a new stage of our spiritual path, and we can expect to face challenges, especially from those in our community who do not understand our calling. However, these challenges are meant to test and help us embrace transformation, not block us from our purpose. We must feel that there is great meaning in what we do now to discover our power. 

At 8:21 a.m.: The moon is square Chiron

After sun-up, the Capricorn moon squares off with Chiron in Aries, fostering frustration. An inability to get over an emotional hump provokes aggressive tendencies. We risk taking our anxieties out on others or, more likely, ourselves. Try not to beat yourself up for not being “further along” than you “should be.” Growth isn’t linear. If you took a bird’s eye view, you’d see that you’re actually making good progress. Don’t compare the Current You to a Past You who lacked the tools to succeed. Take it one step at a time.