Venus Enters Taurus

March 16, 2023

At 10:13 a.m.: Mercury is conjunct Neptune

Late in the morning, Mercury meets with Neptune in Pisces, aligning our intellect and our intuition. This transit can manifest in several ways. We can tap into the wisdom of the cosmos’ guiding hand to receive divine instruction.  However, logic can also be distorted in this terrain. We may have conversations where we believe we are on the same page with one another. Yet further dissection reveals that we are each having different subjective experiences. While this is a good time to discuss your spiritual or esoteric views, be mindful that your beliefs may not be universally applicable.

At 11:10 a.m.: The sun is square Mars

Following this, the Pisces sun squares off with Mars in Gemini, stimulating challenges. Circumstances force us to defend ourselves or to compete with others for influence or prestige. Someone might call our compassionate nature into question, accusing us of having ulterior motives!  This puts us in a tight spot. If we bite back in anger, we’ll come off looking defensive. Yet if we let others walk all over us, it could jeopardize our reputation. Strive to keep your integrity while drawing appropriate boundaries to preserve your authority and inner peace.