A day for integration and getting our bearings

March 27, 2024

At 2:03 a.m.: The moon enters Scorpio and the moon void of course ends

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon enters Scorpio, exiting its void of course, which began yesterday afternoon. Over the next two days, our bodies are integrating the downloads of the March 25 lunar eclipse. If you feel especially emotional now, don’t worry. This is a part of the process. You may notice certain interests or relationships beginning to unravel. The Scorpio moon provides space to do energetic deep cleaning and healing work, encouraging us to embrace release. Although this is a moment of change, remember, the future is unwritten. By letting go, we create space for better to enter our lives.  

At 5:37 a.m.: The moon is square Pluto

Around sun-up, the moon squares off with Pluto in Aquarius, further intensifying the day’s cosmic weather. We may find ourselves torn between surrendering something and holding on to it even tighter. If we allow fear of the unknown to guide our choices, we will be led down a self-destructive path. Change is healthy, and more than that, it is inevitable. Remember, there is no need to burn bridges. Just because something is coming to an end doesn’t mean it must end explosively. Interrogate your instinct to self-sabotage and refuse that temptation.