The Sky Today, May 5, 2022

May 5, 2022

At 12:22 a.m.: The sun is conjunct Uranus

After midnight, the sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, an annual transit that provokes strong compulsions to deviate from the norm. Uranus’ influence serves to electrify and shake us out of our comfort zones. Disruptions can frustrate us or open our eyes, be taken as opportunities for evolution, or as thorns on our side.  By embracing this transit’s restless energies, we can achieve the unexpected in our relationships and work. Some of us may change our image or adopt new ideologies. While we would do well to embrace serendipity, avoid thrill-seeking out of boredom. This transit promises to change us from the inside out, and we should be mindful that what we attract serves our highest good, not our craving for stimulation. 

At 9:03 p.m.: The moon is square Chiron

After nightfall, the Cancer moon squares Chiron in Aries, stimulating emotional outbursts. Crises occur which call to mind old embarrassments. We may be wondering why we seem doomed to repeat the past. Yet, running into the same issues over and over suggests an unwillingness to identify their true source. Instead, we try to bypass or make excuses and hope our concerns will simply clear up on their own. Tonight, try applying a new approach to a familiar issue. Confronting the problem will aid us in healing the root wound.