An Equal Playing Field

May 7, 2022

At 2:48 a.m.: The sun is sextile Mars

In the morning, the Taurus sun forms a sextile to Mars in Pisces, offering stamina and charisma. This is a great aspect for competitive activities. Although we enjoy the thrill of the chase, we won’t stoop to mean-spiritedness in pursuit of victory. Our true desire is to play and creatively strategize. We are keen to understand how others operate, so we can meet them tactically on an equal playing field.  This is a good time to address difficult issues with superiors or bosses, as we can assert ourselves without coming off as hostile. This mission orientation also extends to our intimate relationships, providing us with the courage to pursue romantic interests or mix things up in the bedroom.

At 2:59 a.m.: Vesta is conjunct Saturn

Shortly following this aspect, Vesta, the asteroid of divine inspiration, conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Vesta denotes how we hold aloft our sacred flame of devotion in life and work. At this time, our light is a bit dim, and our creative energies are tamped down.  We may be impeded from doing the work that fills us with a sense of purpose. However, it could also be that we have been spreading ourselves too thin and making excuses for stress. At this time, exercising self-restraint and restructuring our workload can help us to avoid burnout in the long haul.