The Sky Today, May 8, 2022

May 8, 2022

At 9:31 a.m.: The moon is trine Chiron

In the morning, the Leo moon forms a trine to Chiron in Aries. This favorable aspect serves to offset wounded pride and heal anxieties that developed in youth when our talents were not celebrated. At this juncture, events transpire that reveal our journey has transformed our sense of self, strengthening our natural gifts in the process.  We see that in dimming our shine, we’ve perpetuated our own victimhood, content to play the supporting role in others’ stories. Now, demonstrating our abilities allows us to reclaim our main character's energy. We subsequently pay this self-assurance forward, prompting those who doubt their gifts to be more willing to share of themselves.

At 10:41 a.m.: The moon is square Uranus

Following this, the moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, provoking surprises. We are faced with unwelcome curveballs, situations seemingly designed to pitch us out of equilibrium just as we were starting to regain confidence. A lack of patience or bad time management skills will add to the day’s frustrations.  Like all good tests, this transit intends to deliver valuable insights as to how well we are using the resources at our disposal. Do your best to honor your own boundaries and retain your sense of childlike curiosity even when negotiating upsets and delays. Acting impulsively or recklessly won’t serve us now. There is no sense in fueling drama just to grasp a false sense of control.