A Day to Open Our Minds to Big-Picture Concepts

May 8, 2023

At 11:22 a.m.: The moon is square Neptune

Before noon, the Sagittarius moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces, perpetuating misunderstandings. We run the risk of being deceived by others. Alternatively, we can deceive ourselves through overly optimistic projections.  This is not the best cosmic weather for making important choices, as our judgment is skewed. Flights of fancy or even conspiracy theories can lead us astray! If you can suspend disbelief and go safely down the rabbit hole, feel free! Yet, be aware that you’re apt to gravitate toward the more exciting alternative over the rational (or boring) one. 

At 1:28 p.m.: The moon is trine Jupiter, and the moon void of course begins

In the early afternoon, the moon trines Jupiter, it’s dispositor, in Aries, stimulating spiritual sensibilities. We resonate with big ideas, emotions, and beliefs. Rather than aligning ourselves with specific ideologies or ways of thinking, we are more open to universal principles, allowing idealism to steer our decisions. This is a good time for socializing, open-minded discussions, and studies of all kinds. Conversations, especially within classroom environments, strengthen auspicious connections.  The moon enters a void period following this aspect’s perfection, lasting three hours. Use this time to cultivate relationships and educational prospects.