Today’s cosmic instruction: count your blessings!

May 8, 2024

At 4:19 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Uranus

Before dawn, the moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus, provoking potent insights. Trust your gut and be willing to change course. Proceeding with pre-arranged plans despite curveballs will give us grief now. If you have appointments this morning, keep them flexible and pad your schedule if you get thrown off by traffic delays. Remember that it’s not about whether a roadblock appears but how you handle yourself if one does. 

At 9:30 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Jupiter

After sun-up, the moon aligns with Jupiter, inspiring gratitude. The inconveniences of earlier in the morning are forgotten. In fact, we might recognize that delays and setbacks were blessings in disguise. The universe looks out for us by shifting our fate. By giving thanks for our current circumstances, we invite further blessings. We may stumble into good fortune by virtue of our positive attitude.