Keep your eyes on the prize, even if your confidence falters

May 9, 2024

At 3:47 a.m.: The moon is sextile Mars

In the pre-dawn hours, the Gemini moon sextiles Mars in Aries, offering stamina. Today, curiosity is our main motivator. Inspiring conversations, social interactions, and ideas provoke us to take action. Learning new things or rallying support for causes comes easy. We can hone in on a conquest or agenda and pursue it with a single-minded focus. This is not to say that our ambitions will make us unapproachable now. In fact, we view life as an immersive and inclusive game where everyone can participate and all can win. A little competition will prompt us to pursue even loftier goals. The more, the merrier, as long as no one slows us down! 

At 10:03 p.m.: The moon is square Saturn

The cosmic weather is then exceedingly quiet until after nightfall, when the moon squares off with Saturn, a depressing influence. We had a strong start, but at some point in the afternoon, our enthusiasm began to wane. Intrusive thoughts began to creep in: what if I can’t measure up? What if I fail? There may have been no outward reason for this sudden dip in confidence. The odds are not especially stacked against us. Our biggest detractor now is ourselves – the internal critic who reminds us of all the ways we are deficient. No one has the power to hurt your feelings or tear down your self-esteem like you do. You know all your Achilles heels. And worse, this internal dialogue can have manifest consequences if you attempt to involve others in your pity party. Any distance that arises between yourself and loved ones now is due to your negative attitude. So, sleep this off! Things will seem brighter in the morning.