Today’s cosmic weather encourages altruistic behavior. Pay it forward!

May 11, 2024

At 10:22 a.m.: The sun is trine Ceres

Late in the morning, the Taurus sun trines Ceres in Capricorn, inspiring compassion. Our sense of self harmonizes with our instinct to nurture those we love. We take pride in showing up for others and supporting them in their hour of need. Witnessing people whom we’ve taken under our wing succeed boosts our confidence. We believe part of our core identity and purpose lies in cultivating an environment where others feel safe, valued, and resourced. This is an especially good influence for parents to celebrate the achievements of their children. Because everyone will be experiencing this transit in unique ways, pay attention to the actions and deeds of those you surround yourself with now. Reflecting on how others define their accomplishments will help you to recognize your own merits. You have already made a positive impact on someone’s life. Today, it will simply be more apparent.   

At 11:36 a.m.: The moon is square Mars

Following this, the moon squares off with Mars in Aries, making us edgy. Although we will have a clear direction today, we will also be at the mercy of certain emotional ups and downs. This is partly due to expecting a victory faster than it can reasonably be achieved. If everything is going so smoothly in our lives, why can’t we swing one more success story? Well, the sun-Ceres trine fosters altruism. Putting our energy into uplifting others is rewarding, but a corresponding ego boost is just one fortunate but largely incidental side effect of selfless behavior. On the other hand, the moon-Mars square finds us chasing a personal desire, partially out of need and partially out of anxiety. Try to exercise more patience with yourself at this time. This win can’t be rushed. Rome wasn’t built in a day.