Today’s planetary clashes are confidence-rattling. Keep your composure!

May 12, 2024

At 04:11 AM: The moon is trine Saturn

In the morning, the Cancer moon trines Saturn in Pisces, offering patience. We start the day on sturdy footing, ready to be another’s emotional rock. But we haven’t reached this self-assured place all on our own. Give thanks to ancestors, elders, and guides who have acted as your support systems. Decisions made this morning take tradition into consideration. We have assumed a legacy that we hope to uphold honorably. The desire to “make others proud” is palpable.

At 11:13 AM: The moon is square Chiron

Before noon, the moon squares off with Chiron in Aries, provoking insecurity. Despite sticking to standard protocol, critics call our attitude or methods into question. In this sensitive headspace, we risk internalizing their words, giving them more attention than they deserve. Imposter syndrome arises. We believe that we’ll never measure up. Yet, once this contentious moment has passed, we’ll recognize that attacks are projections. Targeted accusations say more about your critic than they do you.