Asking for just enough? It’s time to reconsider your needs!

May 14, 2024

At 4:47 p.m.: The moon is square Venus

The cosmic weather is quiet today until late afternoon when the Leo moon squares off with Venus in Taurus, an indulgent aspect. Here, we seek gratification in the form of sensual pleasures or external validation. If we achieve what we desire, this aspect should pass with little fanfare. However, if we fail to attain the attention we think we’re entitled to, we can resort to sulking or punishing our loved ones through withholding behavior. Remember that hurt people hurt people. Instead of arousing jealousy, our attempts to prove to others that they’re missing out on the pleasure of our company are likely to backfire.

At 9:29 p.m.: The moon is trine Chiron

After nightfall, the moon trines Chiron in Aries, facilitating healing. By creating more space for our inner child to play, we access confidence that has been lost to us. At this time, we reconsider what makes us feel self-conscious and why. In the past, those we loved may have belittled our hobbies, talents, or gifts. We were told that our interests were inconsequential. Now that we are older reconnecting with joy allows us to be our most authentic selves. This, in turn, has a positive ripple effect on our participation within the community.