Hold your tongue! Today’s conversations get spicy!

May 17, 2024

At 12:44 a.m.: Mercury is square Pluto

After midnight, Mercury in Taurus squares off with Pluto in Aquarius, fostering arguments. Outside challenges to our opinions or ideas prompt a crisis of conscience. We don’t appreciate being told to rethink our point of view, and we’ll bite back with our own unasked-for critiques if provoked. Unpleasant information may come to light today. Secret truths may be outed. Avoid adopting extreme positions. Espousing conspiracy theories will alienate those who are interested in hearing what you have to say. Grappling with unsettling realities is our task now, but choosing to approach them with a tolerant attitude will make all the difference.

At 2:48 a.m.: The moon is opposite Saturn

The Virgo moon then opposes Saturn in Pisces, further engendering alienation and isolation. People! Who needs them? Especially when they’re “attacking” you! This is our excuse to retreat into our intellectual cocoon, keeping our distance from the “angry mob”. It’s easier to label those with conflicting views as The Enemy, because we believe rethinking our biases would mean admitting fault. A little time to ourselves can help us to see the error in our ways and inspire us to change our minds.