Feel Your Drive and Passion Soar as Mars Enters the Skies of Leo!

May 20, 2023

At 8:31 a.m.: Mars enters Leo

In the morning, action-planet Mars enters Leo, amping up the cosmic drama! In the sign of the Lion, Mars provides a double dose of bravado. We are not content to sit on the sidelines of our lives. We want to be in the action! We want our choices and decisions to make an impact. We want others to admire us for our bravery and respect us for our inimitability.  There is an unmistakable passion we bring to everything we do now. We’re either all or nothing, and we deeply care about being witnessed and perceived. On the one hand, the confidence engendered by this transit allows us to easily pursue our claims and conquests. We believe that no one deserves to win more than us!  Yet naturally, this attitude can create extreme disappointment when we don’t get our way. While Mars is in Leo, we are especially sore losers. We may even try to pin our failings on another person, claiming we’ve been mistreated or unfairly penalized.  The interesting dichotomy of Leo Mars is that we want to be the champion, but we also want to be validated. Part of our strategy for success may include adopting an innocent or unassuming manner, like a child, when we see that our bold Lion moves aren’t working in our favor! 

At 8:12 p.m.: Mars is opposite Pluto

At night, Mars opposes Pluto in Aquarius, catalyzing tense power struggles! Mars has only been in Leo for a few hours, and we already see the drama beginning to play out. While this aspect makes us especially competitive, the prize we’ve set our sights on may be out of reach. And a refusal to humble ourselves will immediately land us in hot water.  We’ll make enemies of those with far more influence and clout. Try to weigh the long-term costs and benefits of this fight. Giving up the battle today can potentially lead to winning the war down the line. But you must be smart about this present predicament. If you go in guns blazing, the blowback will be swift and severe.  You’ll then find yourself in a hole that will take considerable time to crawl out of. The real courage is to grin and bear the attack on your honor. Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed. Down the road, when you have all the pieces in play, you’ll be equipped to face this foe.