A Bold and Ambitious New Strategy Is Waiting for You!

November 19, 2023

At 12:12 a.m.: The moon is trine Venus

Just after midnight, the Aquarius moon trines Venus in Libra, perpetuating an easygoing social atmosphere. If we are awake, we may find ourselves engaged in dynamic discussions about our desires and creative interests. This is an influence that enables us to get along with everyone we meet, regardless of ideological differences. However, given the late hour, many of us will be asleep at this time, dreaming romantic dreams. 

At 1:01 a.m.: Pallas enters Scorpio

Following this, Pallas, the goddess asteroid of wisdom and strategy, enters Scorpio. Pallas has been transiting peace-keeping Libra since September 13, during which time we employed diplomatic tactics to achieve cooperative goals. However, we also risked oversimplifying nuanced problems in the hope of finding convenient solutions.  Pallas in Scorpio, which will last until February 5, 2024, is in many ways a response to the fence-sitting we did while Pallas was in Libra. Therefore, we’ll now get our aims met by going to the source, the root, the dark underbelly of a problem and tackling it there.  This is not a time for surface-level solutions. Yet, we also know that directness, intensity, and passion can spook people who avoid looking at their own shadow. For this reason, our new tactics are likely to be stealthier. Even if we must adopt a wolf-in-sheep-clothing approach, we know that this strategy will serve our end goal, which is collective healing through acknowledging the reality of a situation.