The Sun Enters Sagittarius

November 22, 2022

At 12:20 a.m.: The sun enters Sagittarius

Just after midnight, the sun enters Sagittarius, trading psychological depth for philosophical breadth. Over the next month, we seek adventure! Our goal is to not only discover more about who we are, but who we wish to become. As self-awareness develops and the intricacies of our conscious mind become more apparent, freedom turns out to be of paramount importance. We refuse to be constrained from pursuing our aims. Visions of our future propel us beyond our assumed capabilities, facilitating perspective shifts that enhance our confidence. We can harness this newfound potential to create change and explore more diverse avenues of knowledge and understanding.

At 1:24 p.m.: The sun is square Vesta

However, in the early afternoon, the Sagittarius sun squares off with Vesta in Pisces, creating a disconnect between self-expression and devotion to our passion projects. We may have to work a bit harder to manifest our goals, believing that to engage authentically in one realm of our lives, we must sacrifice our comfort in another. Conflict can arise in work or relationships where others’ expectations force us to wear multiple hats. Since the sun has just entered Sagittarius, we’re at a loss of how to proceed. We may feel pressured to drop the pursuits that are important to us to save face or keep up appearances. Seek to stay mindful of your priorities.