You’re in for a Big Epiphany!

September 6, 2023

At 12:41 a.m.: Pallas is opposite Neptune

Just after midnight, Pallas opposes Neptune in Pisces, perpetuating confusion and distraction. Pallas is the goddess asteroid of wisdom and strategy, and in Virgo, it has very particular ideas about how plans are to be executed. Yet, its clash with nebulous Neptune impedes our sense of discernment. Vagaries arise to test our mettle. We might have to compete, not only with real-life threats to our five-point plans, but also with the vastness of our own imaginations.  We can easily think ourselves into a hole now, overwhelmed by intuitive cues that have no bearing on our overall agenda. Our best course of action is to allow imaginative insights to pierce our intellectual armor in small doses. Work only with bite-sized information to avoid being overwhelmed by irrelevant data. Do not follow rabbits down rabbit holes. Some of what we see today will be an accurate pattern, and some of what we see will be an illusion. 

At 4:09 a.m.: The sun is conjunct Mercury

In the morning, the Virgo sun and Mercury align in their inferior conjunction, marking the mid-point of Mercury’s retrograde cycle! This is a day of processing and integrating lessons learned over the past two weeks. Expect insights regarding organization, structure, and transmission of ideas. Conversations or interactions will prove illuminating now. People from your past will appear with messages to share. Our retrograde journey is not yet done, but with today’s a-ha moments, we can move forward better equipped to manage frustrations and side-step circular thinking.