It’s Time to Course-Correct Your Path Now!

September 15, 2023

At 5:47 a.m.: Ceres enters Scorpio

In the morning, Ceres, the goddess asteroid of nurturance, enters Scorpio. The zodiac sign where Ceres is at any given time denotes how we seek support. It also defines how we provide support to others. Ceres’ time in Libra saw us setting a diplomatic tone, using tact as a means of care. However, we also probably glossed over problems to keep the peace.  With Ceres in Scorpio, superficiality is not enough. We crave intimacy, and our methods of care and support may be too intense for some to stomach! This transit fosters opportunities for healing the psyche and soul by helping us face our fears. We undergo an emotional excavation, pinpointing how we weren’t nurtured in our past.  Keep in mind that urgency and passion are not the same as safety. The last time Ceres transited this sign was from November 11, 2018 to January 25, 2019. Look back to these dates for comparison. Ceres will traverse Scorpio until November 24, 2023.

At 6:49 a.m.: The moon is trine Pluto, and the moon void of course begins

Following this, the Virgo moon trines Pluto in Capricorn, stimulating psychic senses. We prefer to get to the heart of the matter now, and others will appreciate our candor. Although the morning’s exchanges may be intense, we also get the sense that we are making true progress, ridding ourselves of old baggage, and healing ourselves in the process. We are especially empowered to change routines or to handle institutional inequity in a more refined way.  The moon enters a void following this aspect. Use the next few hours to complete work already in progress.