Are You Bringing Your Best in Relationships?

September 16, 2023

At 12:53 p.m.: The moon is conjunct Mars

The cosmic weather is quiet today until after noon, when the moon aligns with Mars, making us assertive and bold. However, under the Libra moon, our emotional equilibrium hinges upon relational balance. We may have individual designs or desires, but we’re always subtly aware of how they are being perceived or accepted by others.  If our current goal is romantic, the moon-Mars conjunction can be leveraged for courtship, dating, and sexual gratification. If our goal is business-oriented, cooperative measures will be the surest way to make progress. Yet, the risk is that we can be flaky or passive-aggressive in our pursuits.  Don’t assume you and your partners are on the same page. Avoid ignoring red flags out of politeness. Be mindful that if you are to combine your efforts with others, you cannot see their participation as a means to an end. You must take their priorities into account, too.

At 4:57 p.m.: The moon is sextile Venus

In the late afternoon, the moon sextiles Venus in Leo, smoothing over difficulties born of the moon-Mars conjunction. This is an ideal time to kick back and relax with friends, lovers, or partners. We recognize that passive-aggressive tendencies may have been a self-protective measure. After all, we need love and affection in our lives. A fear of losing others’ esteem may have prompted us to overcompensate! Speaking about these feelings honestly will improve rapport and promote healthier, happier bonds.