Protect Your Energy Under Today’s Cloudy Cosmic Weather!

September 19, 2023

At 3:16 a.m.: The moon is opposite Jupiter

In the pre-dawn hours, the Scorpio moon opposes Jupiter in Taurus, provoking urgency. Though we are quick to act, our choices are ill-conceived. We’re prone to excess, whether through adopting extreme self-protective measures, or diving too deep into an obsessive exploit.  Morals may be abandoned. We risk rationalizing unhealthy behaviors or giving a pass to addictive patterns. This crisis can be spurred by stress, self-doubt, or a lack of direction. Remember, losing oneself in a convenient distraction isn’t “finding direction;” it’s succumbing to vice! 

At 4:17 a.m.: The sun is opposite Neptune

Towards the morning, the Virgo sun makes its annual opposition to Neptune in Pisces, making the day’s cosmic weather especially cloudy. Be very careful in your dealings with others now. This influence has the effect of dissolving our ego and dampening our self-esteem. We lack confidence and look to a higher power for guidance through confusion.  However, instead of using a spiritual practice to anchor us, we put our faith in people, who are just as susceptible to making mistakes as we are! Someone may seek to exploit us today. It’s also equally possible that we will volunteer ourselves to be exploited because we believe we deserve it! Protect your energy and offset disappointment by steering clear of negative personalities, unhealthy distractions, or addictive substances.