scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of September 5, 2021

Week of September 5, 2021

Be careful how you and your lover communicate this week. After all, on September 5, Venus in your twelfth house of secrets will square Pluto in your talkative third house, which could cause untold truths to come forth. Being cautious when discussing sensitive information could make all the difference. In fact, it could lead to an even closer connection by September 6, when Venus forms a trine with Jupiter in your compassionate fourth house, helping you build a home together.

However, if you’re single and simply looking to spend time with interesting people, this upcoming new moon could be a powerful opportunity. Taking place on September 6, this new moon will activate your social eleventh house, prompting you to widen your circle of friends. As you continue to embrace your own authentic self, you’ll find it easier to attract people who love you for you.

And as this new moon forms a trine with Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships, you might just find that one of these new friends or connections leads to something more. You’re on the verge of embracing a relationship that’s unlike any other you’ve experienced; a relationship in which you write your own rules.