Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 30, 2024

Early on June 30, the moon moves into your sister sign, Taurus, bringing good financial discipline and money management skills. You're likely also to take good care of your things today, which may mean giving your favorite items or even the entire home a deep clean. However, the moon will square one of your ruling planets, Pluto, so be careful not to give in to frustrations with others. 

An emotional transit on July 2 could go either way for you when the moon trines Pluto. You may suddenly feel the urge to get rid of things you own or just bust out of the house or work to have an adventure. 

On the sixth, the moon moves into the sign of Leo. This is a great time to be social and the center of attention. You don't always need to be shrouded in mystery and deserve moments of childlike bliss.

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