Week of Feb 1, 2021: This week, there may be a disagreement between you or your partner and the families that are attached to you. As the sun in your fourth house of heritage squares Mars in your partnership sector on February 1, it’s clear that the most important people in your life might not completely be on the same page.

The discord between you and a partner may continue by the fourth. The Scorpio moon will oppose Mars and Uranus in your seventh house of relationships, which means that your partner may surprise you with their behavior or their perspective. However, you should try remembering why you guys love each other despite this. The moon will also form a trine with Neptune in your playful fifth house, helping you laugh your way through the situation.

However, you can’t deny the emotional issues that may arise by February 6. This is when the Venus-Saturn conjunction takes place in your sensitive fourth house of home and family, forcing you and your partner to recognize how your opinion of family may differ. Do you want different things? Is there family baggage that needs to be worked through? As Venus squares Uranus, you may find that you and your partner have more to learn about each other. Let the truth be upfront.

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