The Strength & Eight of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Understanding the Tarot Card Combination of The Strength and Eight of Swords

The tarot card combination of The Strength and Eight of Swords can be difficult to interpret and understand. However, it holds specific meanings and messages which can help you navigate through daily struggles and challenges.

The Strength Card

The Strength card represents inner strength, courage, compassion, and self-control. The card depicts a woman holding the jaws of a fearsome lion, which symbolizes her ability to tame her primal instincts and harness her inner strength. The Strength card encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and have the courage to overcome any obstacle. This card also signifies the need for patience, discipline, and grace under pressure. The Strength card reminds you to be gentle with yourself and others, and to approach situations with calmness and compassion.

The Eight of Swords Card

The Eight of Swords card, on the other hand, represents confinement, restriction, and self-doubt. The card depicts a woman who is blindfolded and tied up, surrounded by eight swords. This card suggests that you are feeling trapped, unable to see a way out, and afraid to take action. The Eight of Swords urges you to break free from the limitations that are holding you back, and to trust in your abilities and intuition. This card signifies the need to take risks and to overcome your fears, even if it means taking a leap of faith.

The Tarot Card Combination

When The Strength and Eight of Swords appear together in a reading, it suggests that you have the inner strength and courage to overcome any challenge or obstacle, but you may be feeling trapped or limited by external circumstances or self-doubt. The combination of these cards advises you to use your inner strength and patience to overcome the limitations and obstacles that are currently blocking your path. It's time to muster up the courage to take action and break free from the chains that are holding you back. In conclusion, The Strength and Eight of Swords combination serves as a reminder that you are capable of achieving your goals and dreams, but sometimes you just need to have patience, trust your intuition, and believe in your inner strength.