Four of Swords & Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Tarot Card Combination: Four of Swords and Five of Pentacles

When interpreting a Tarot card reading, it's important to take note of not just the individual cards, but also the combinations that appear in the spread. When the Four of Swords and the Five of Pentacles appear together in a spread, they create a powerful message that can provide deeper insight into the querent's situation. Let's explore the meaning of this Tarot card combination.

Four of Swords: Rest, Retreat, Reflection

The Four of Swords is a card that often appears in a Tarot spread when the querent needs to take a step back and recharge. This card represents rest, retreat, and reflection. Its imagery often depicts a person lying down with their hands folded over their chest, suggesting a need for stillness and quiet. This card carries a message of meditation, solitude, and mental rest. It is a reminder to take time out from the daily grind and focus on your mental and emotional well-being.

Five of Pentacles: Hardship, Struggle, Poverty

The Five of Pentacles is a card that signifies struggle, hardship, and poverty. Its image often depicts two people walking past a church in the snow, symbolising a feeling of being excluded or left out in the cold. This card represents difficult times, whether they are financial or emotional. It can also indicate a sense of isolation, loneliness, and feeling like an outsider.

The Combined Meaning of Four of Swords and Five of Pentacles

When combined, the Four of Swords and Five of Pentacles suggest that the querent is currently facing a period of great difficulty, and they need to take time out to reflect and recharge. This combination advises the querent to withdraw from the world for a while and focus on their own well-being rather than trying to overcome their challenges head-on. This Tarot card combination may suggest a need to take a break from work or other stressful obligations to give oneself time to heal. It could also signal the need to seek out the support of others, whether it be friends, family, or a trusted professional. In some cases, this combination may also suggest financial hardship or instability. The combination may signal that the querent needs to take a break from their worries and focus on their inner peace and well-being, even if it means temporarily setting aside concerns about money.


Overall, the combination of Four of Swords and Five of Pentacles provides a powerful message that emphasises the importance of taking time for oneself during difficult times. This card combination urges the querent to withdraw from their stress and focus on their own healing and inner peace. In doing so, they can approach their challenges with renewed strength and perspective.