Six of Wands & Four of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Six of Wands and Four of Swords: A Comprehensive Guide to its Meaning

Tarot cards often appear in combination with one another, creating a unique reading that speaks to an individual's specific situation. Two cards that frequently appear together are the Six of Wands and Four of Swords. These cards hold significant meaning on their own, but their combination creates a new layer of interpretation for those seeking guidance. In this article, we explore the meaning of the Six of Wands and Four of Swords in combination. We will discuss their individual interpretations, as well as the collective meaning they hold together. So, let’s dive in!

The Six of Wands Card

The Six of Wands often portrays a person riding on a horse, holding a wand with a laurel wreath tied around it. In the background, people cheer and wave their own wands. This card symbolizes success, victory, and public recognition. If this card appears in a reading, it could signify that a person has accomplished something significant and positive, and their efforts are being recognized by others. It could also point to newfound confidence and self-belief, as well as the ability to inspire others.

The Four of Swords Card

The Four of Swords card usually shows a person lying down with their hands placed over their chest. This card's prominent feature is the four swords hanging on the wall or altar behind them. This card implies taking a break, solitude, and rest. If this card appears in a reading, it could signify that a person is feeling exhausted or burnt out, and they need to take a break. This card suggests taking time for oneself to heal, recover, and recharge energy. It could also mean meditating, reflecting, and pondering on important life decisions.

The Six of Wands and Four of Swords Combined

The Six of Wands combined with the Four of Swords implies a celebration after a long period of hard work. This combination suggests that a person has reached a significant milestone in their life, and now it's time to take a break and celebrate. It could also mean that a person needs to take a pause and reflect on their achievements before moving forward. This combination also suggests a moment of introspection and contemplating one's next move before taking action. It could indicate that a person needs to evaluate their current trajectory and determine their priorities before pursuing future endeavors. Ultimately, this combination encourages a person to take time for themselves, rest, recharge, and reflect on their journey's progress.


The Six of Wands and Four of Swords provide a unique interpretation when they appear together in a Tarot reading. This combination stresses the importance of balancing hard work with rest while also taking time to celebrate accomplishments. It offers a powerful reminder for us to recharge our energy and take a moment to reflect on our progress before moving forward. Ultimately, this combination is all about finding a balance between inner and outer work and celebrating the joy that comes with achieving personal success.