The Strength & Knight of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Strength and Knight of Wands: An Overview

Tarot cards are divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards which can be interpreted to provide insights into our lives. The Major Arcana carries profound lessons about our spiritual path, while the Minor Arcana reflects the challenges we face in our daily lives. A Tarot card combination is a collection of cards that appear together in a reading and provides a collective meaning of the cards. In this article, we will explore the meaning of The Strength and Knight of Wands.

The Strength Card

The Strength card in Tarot depicts a woman who stands confidently, holding the mouth of a lion, symbolizing her power over the territorial ruler of the animal kingdom. The card represents inner strength, courage, and self-control. The Strength card also signifies a person's ability to tame their passions and desires to achieve their goals. The card can also indicate a period of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. When The Strength card appears in a Tarot reading, it suggests an abundance of personal power, inner fortitude, and mental control. It is also a reminder to handle challenges with grace and without fear. The card may also indicate a need to find balance between our impulses and intellect.

The Knight of Wands Card

The Knight of Wands is a court card representing a young man who is bold, enthusiastic, and passionate. He is seen riding on his horse, holding his wand, representing a symbol of his power and creative ability. The card represents action, adventure, and inspiration. It suggests that the person is taking charge of their situation and is ready to take risks to achieve their goals. It also implies a desire to explore new opportunities and embrace change. When the Knight of Wands card appears in a reading, it often indicates that the person is open to new experiences and is willing to take bold steps to achieve their dreams. It also suggests a willingness to explore new ideas and situations that will help in personal growth.

The Combination of The Strength and Knight of Wands

The tarot card combination of The Strength and Knight of Wands signifies the need for both inner and outer strength to pursue our goals with enthusiasm, confidence, and vitality. This combination suggests that the person has a strong sense of self and is guided by their willpower and self-belief. It also signifies the courage to take risks and to explore uncharted territory to hone their skills and learn new things. The combination of this tarot cards also implies control over impulsive behavior, and a willingness to take charge of one's life in a positive manner. When combined, these cards suggest that the person is ready to take on new challenges with courage and strength, and that obstacles can be overcome with inner strength and perseverance. In conclusion, the combination of The Strength and Knight of Wands encourages us to embrace our power and inner strength to overcome obstacles and achieve goals with courage and confidence. These cards remind us to be bold, adventurous, and enthusiastic in our pursuit of personal growth and success, and to be open to new ideas and opportunities.