Nine of Cups & Page of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Meaning of Tarot Card Combination: Nine of Cups and Page of Cups


The combination of Tarot cards is a powerful tool used to gain insights and make interpretations in a reading. The Nine of Cups and the Page of Cups are two cards that, when combined, reveal a special message.

The Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is the card of satisfaction, abundance, and ultimate fulfilment. It represents a person who has achieved their wildest dreams and desires, enjoying the fruits of their labour. The card depicts a man sitting on a wooden bench, surrounded by nine cups arranged in an arc on a table. He is content and happy, basking in his own success and satisfaction. Overall, the Nine of Cups is a card that symbolizes self-love, gratification, and an overall sense of accomplishment.

The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a young page, holding a cup in their hands, looking into the depths of the cup, admiring its contents. The card symbolizes reflection, intuition, and a thirst for knowledge. The Page of Cups represents an individual who is eager to learn and grow emotionally. It also signifies the beginning of new emotional journeys, revealing deeper insights and self-discovery.

The Combination of the Nine of Cups and Page of Cups

When the Nine of Cups and the Page of Cups appear together in a reading, the combination reflects the inner journey of a person towards self-gratification and emotional fulfilment. This combination reveals that the person is on the right track and is open to learning, growing, and exploring their feelings. It also indicates that they have achieved success, and their wishes and desires have been fulfilled. The Nine of Cups symbolizes the end goal, while the Page of Cups marks the beginning of a new journey. This combination signifies a cycle of introspection and discovery, where one gains a deeper understanding of themselves, ultimately leading to an individual who is more settled and self-aware.


The combination of the Nine of Cups and Page of Cups in a tarot reading represents a person who has achieved their goals and is now embarking on a new emotional journey. It symbolizes reflection, introspection, and an eagerness to grow emotionally. It is a reminder to take time to reflect on the significance of one's journey and to embrace change, as it often leads to deeper understanding and growth.