Seven of Cups & Nine of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card readings are a way to gain insights into our lives and the situations we find ourselves in. The tarot cards can give us guidance, clarity, and direction, especially when card combinations are analysed to understand their meanings. In this article, we will explore the Tarot card combination of Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups.

The Seven of Cups:

The Seven of Cups is a Minor Arcana card that represents choices, daydreams, and illusions. It shows a person facing a range of options or possibilities, but they are unsure which one to choose. This card can suggest a time of feeling overwhelmed or confused by various options, leading to indecisiveness. It can also represent a lack of clarity and direction in life related to the many layers and complexities that present themselves.

The Nine of Cups:

The Nine of Cups is also a Minor Arcana card and is often referred to as the ""wish card."" It represents contentment, happiness, and satisfaction in one's personal life, relationships, and material possessions. This card suggests that the querent has attained a sense of emotional fulfilment, and their wish has been granted.

Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups Combination Meaning:

When the Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups appear together in a Tarot reading, it typically represents a period of confusion or anxiety followed by a wish being fulfilled. The Seven of Cups shows that the querent is currently in a state of confusion and unsure of which path to take. They may be daydreaming and fantasising, overwhelmed with choices and the possible outcomes that each decision may bring. When the Nine of Cups appears, it suggests that the querent's wish or desire is going to be granted. This card brings a sense of satisfaction and emotional fulfilment, and the querent's personal life and relationships are likely to be a source of contentment. Therefore, the combination of these two cards can indicate that the querent will eventually make the right choice and find a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in their chosen path.

Other Interpretations of Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups Combination:

1. Options and Dreams: The Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups card combination can represent a time where the querent is presented with many options to choose from. This may lead to confusion and uncertainty, as well as dreaming about different possibilities. However, this combination suggests that the querent will ultimately choose the option that leads to emotional fulfilment and satisfaction. 2. Dissatisfaction Followed by Happiness: The Seven of Cups can indicate dissatisfaction and confusion, while the Nine of Cups represents happiness and fulfilment. Together, these cards suggest a shift in the querent's emotional state, from one of uncertainty and dissatisfaction to one of contentment and happiness. 3. Finding True Happiness: This card combination can also indicate that the querent will find true happiness by examining their options and choosing the right path. They will be rewarded with emotional fulfilment and happiness as a result.


The Tarot card combination of Seven of Cups and Nine of Cups suggests that the querent is facing confusion and has many options to choose from. However, with the right guidance, they will make the right decision which will lead them to emotional fulfilment and finding their true happiness. By analysing tarot card combinations, we can gain insights into our lives, helping us to navigate through life's complexities more effectively.