The Moon & Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Meaning of the Tarot Card Combination: The Moon and Page of Pentacles


In tarot card reading, the combination of The Moon and Page of Pentacles is quite significant, as it represents an amalgamation of two seemingly disparate cards. Understanding the meaning behind this combination is crucial in interpreting the true message that the cards hold. In this article, we will examine the interpretation and significance of this combination.

The Moon

The Moon is one of the most enigmatic cards in the tarot deck. Its imagery often has a sense of fear or uncertainty as it looms over the rest of the deck. With the moon being associated with mystery and the subconscious, this card often points to the hidden depths of one's psyche. Some possible meanings of this card include: - Darkness or confusion - Illusion or deception - Uncertainty and fear - Hidden desires or feelings As one of the Major Arcana cards, The Moon suggests powerful karmic lessons that need to be learned, often by confronting one's fears or illusions.

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a Minor Arcana card that represents the practical and material aspect of life. It is a card that usually implies a new beginning, opportunity, or a fresh start. Some possible meanings of this card include: - A new career or job opportunity - A financial opportunity or investment - A message or news related to career or money - A student or apprentice As a court card, the Page of Pentacles is often associated with a specific individual, although it can also represent an aspect of the querent's personality.

Interpretation of the Combination

When The Moon and Page of Pentacles appear in a tarot reading together, a few possible interpretations could emerge. Here are some possible meanings of this combination: - Unexpected news or opportunities related to career or money, which may trigger uncertainty or fear. - A new job or investment that requires exploring and learning a lot of new things, which can be exciting but also overwhelming. - A need to pay close attention to hidden agendas or deceptive behaviour when it comes to financial or career matters. - The inner fears or desires that come up when starting a new career or money-making venture, which requires a careful balance of intuition and practicality. In any interpretation, this combination requires keeping an open mind and a willingness to explore the unknown aspects surrounding money or career. It also implies the encouragement to take action, move forward, and embrace the new opportunities that may be available.


In tarot card reading, The Moon and Page of Pentacles are two cards that might seem unrelated but often have a significant meaning when they appear together. Understanding the underlying symbolism and significance of these two cards can help shed light on the querent's current situation and guide them in making better decisions.