The Tower & Page of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower card is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards in the Tarot deck. Depicted as a tall tower with lightning striking it, The Tower indicates catastrophic change, upheaval, and destruction. The Tower symbolizes the sudden collapse of something that has been built on weak foundations. It signifies a time of crisis, chaos, and transformation. This card can represent changes in relationships, health, career, or business, and it can indicate the need to break down old structures or belief systems to make way for something new.

Page of Wands Tarot Card

The Page of Wands is a card that represents creativity, passion, and new beginnings. The Page of Wands indicates that there is an opportunity for growth and expansion, and it suggests that you should embrace your passions and explore your creativity. This card also suggests that you may be feeling enthusiastic and energized about a new project or venture, and you are ready to take action to bring your ideas to life.

The Tower and Page of Wands Combination

When The Tower and Page of Wands appear together in a Tarot reading, it can indicate a sudden, unexpected change that will ultimately lead to growth and expansion. This combination suggests that there may be a crisis, upheaval, or unexpected event that shakes things up and causes chaos in your life. However, this combination also indicates that this situation will provide you with the opportunity to tap into your creative potential and explore new possibilities. The Page of Wands suggests that you should embrace your creative instincts and approach this situation with enthusiasm and passion. Use your creative energy to find new solutions to the challenges you are facing. The Tower, on the other hand, indicates that there may be some destruction or upheaval before you can rebuild on a stronger foundation. The Tower encourages you to let go of old beliefs and structures that are no longer serving you. Overall, The Tower and Page of Wands combination is a reminder that sometimes chaos and destruction are necessary to pave the way for growth and transformation. This combination encourages you to embrace change and take action to harness your creative energy to create a new reality.