Queen of Cups & Five of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards are popular tools used for divination purposes. With 78 cards present in a Tarot deck, each card holds its own unique meaning and message. When certain cards are combined together, the message they hold amplifies in strength and offers a deeper understanding of the situation or question at hand. In this article, we will unravel the meaning behind the tarot card combination of Queen of Cups and Five of Swords.

Queen of Cups and Five of Swords Combination:

The Queen of Cups and Five of Swords combination represents an emotionally charged situation where there are negative and harsh words exchanged. The Five of Swords has a reputation for being the card of conflict and betrayal, while the Queen of Cups symbolizes emotions, love, and compassion. This combination is likely to represent a situation where emotions and feelings are running high, and there is an excess of negative energy.


The Queen of Cups encourages us to approach our emotions and feelings with an open and compassionate heart. She is a gentle, kind, and compassionate figure who cares deeply for those around her. This card suggests that a situation could benefit from a dose of emotional intelligence, where being mindful and understanding of others' feelings may be essential. On the other hand, the Five of Swords shows us that there is an ongoing conflict, and the outcome may not be in our favour. There may be a sense of betrayal or mistrust present, which has caused the conflict. This card represents the negative energy that emerges when a power struggle ensues, and one person achieves victory over the others. However, it is important to remember that winning at all costs does not necessarily lead to true success, as the Five of Swords reminds us. Taking these two cards’ meanings into account together, the combination may indicate a situation that requires balance, where we must use our emotional intelligence to navigate conflicts positively. We must be aware of the power dynamics present and strive towards finding a win-win solution for all parties involved, rather than simply seeking to win or dominate the situation.


In summary, the Queen of Cups and Five of Swords combination highlights the importance of balancing emotions and logical thinking. It encourages us to approach situations with an open and compassionate heart, even when we face negative energy, conflict, and betrayal. By remaining mindful, we can navigate the situation and find a positive resolution.